Full Name: Arundhati Navarathna
Clan: Unstated
Sect: Independent
Position: Smuggler
Player: Kaarin


Arundhati appears to be a young Indian woman, who usually dresses in either salwar suits or sarees, as the situation dictates. Her long, dark hair tends to be more simply brushed and kept, never seen in a fancier style. 



Public KnowledgeEdit

Kindred of the city would almost certainly know her as being fiercly Independent, even standing outside of the Sect of the Camarilla, but always approaching them with respect and dignity. Having no formal place in Camarilla politics, she carves out a niche as someone who can be gone to with slightly less worry of issues arising. One also might know that she is involved in bringing in illegal goods in to the city through Pirate's Cove, and that her usual price for such things is a slice of the profit (if trading), and generally the promise of some future favor or another.