Full Name: Malikh Akamu
Aliases: Caliban
Tradition: Virtual Adepts
Cabal: Unnamed
Position: N/A
Player: Lith


Standing tall at 1.93m (6'5"), with broad shoulders, dark skin and long hair, he is not the poster boy for what people expect of a hacker. Adding to that, is the unmistakable animal magnetism [Sexy] he gives off and his uncanny reflexes that border on the inhuman. He dresses for the occasion and can usually blend in with whatever crowd he is with.

In the virtual world of the net, he cuts an equally impressive figure, with grey skin, white hair, large horns and war paint over his half naked form. Immersing himself in the role of the trickster demon, he can be seen gleefully cracking databases open to release the information within.


Rather friendly and optimistic about life, Caliban sometimes gets lost in his thoughts which gives some people the impression he is going for the strong silent look. When among friends he is quite relaxed, joking and quick to laugh but he gets serious fast if someone needs his help.

Those that know him online, speak of a cocky demon with a taste for theatrics. Playing on the cambion nature of his handle, he takes pleasure in throwing a spanner in the schemes of those that would keep information hidden or take advantage of those around them.

Public KnowledgeEdit

  • Used to be in the army.
  • Can often be seen in the Mile.


  • He is Helena Bellini's bodyguard.
  • He is fighting in the Cage.
  • He was augmented during his time in the army.