Full Name: Genesis
Clan: Caitiff
Sect: N/A
Position: N/A
Player: Tink



Sultry looks, smoldering eyes, and an air of mystery, Genesis is a total package as far as her looks go.  She can look good in any manner of clothing, from tight jeans to a sun dress, heels, flats, boots, sandals, doesn't matter.  She's in great shape, toned, even ripped, but not bulked up with muscle, she's never lost those femanine curves.  She tends to wear practical clothing, jeans, tank tops, boots and jackets are the norm, but its not unheard of to see her in other attire, but the situation always dictates when she diverts from her standards.


Its hard to really pin this girl down, she easily moves between light hearted, teasing and joking, to hard, even brutal and sadistic.  One thing is for sure, she doesn't have time for nonsense, a good time is one thing, wasting her time is entirely another.  She's goal oriented and driven, doesn't spend her time in useless pursuits for no reason, and doesn't suffer to sit through others doing the same.

If anything is obvious, is the chick has a temper.  She's quick to anger, and terrible in her rage, getting phyiscally violent is usually a first reaction, and she doesn't do it to intimidated.  If she swings at someone, its to knock their head off, not just shut them up.

Public KnowledgeEdit

The fact that she goes by Gen at times.  Thats roughly all that is factually known about her on any personal level.

She's frequented the Cage on the Golden Mile since she first surfaced in New Babylon, claiming to have come out of New Manhattan, or just 'north' as she put it.  She seemed to fall in with the owner of the fighting pits all too easy, Laine, now being seen around her quite often, not to mention a gang moving into the establishment not long after she got buddy buddy with the owner.

Likely the only other fact is she's dangerous.  Her first two fights in the Cage were brief, and brutally one sided.  There have been whispers that Laine taking control of the Chrome Kings was due to her basically ripping the head off the former boss and his best fighter, but those rumors have been sketchy.  The fact that she can fight, and brutally well however, is not sketchy, its becoming known on the Mile that she's dangerous.


She's former special forces

She's heavily augmented and ridiculously strong