Full Name: Helena Bellini
Aliases: Helena Gibson
Tradition: Cult of Ecstasy
Cabal: Unnamed
Position: N/A
Player: Morwen


During the day, Helena is a fair skinned blonde with pale blue eyes and an easy smile. While attractive [Appearance 4], her girl-next-door appearance puts more people at ease and her outfits help present herself as just another pretty face in the crowd.

When the night falls, the gloves come off. With black hair, deep blue eyes and a healthy tan, she prefers revealing outfits and darker colours. Normally standing at 1.75m (5'9"), at night she gains a couple of inches thanks to her preference in footwear.


With a rather infectious smile and a friendly disposition, it is fairly hard to dislike her at first glance. Her presence puts people at ease [Approachable] whether it is the charitable young woman they meet during the day or the sultry bartender they bump into during the night.

Whatever her looks, one thing remains true for Helena, she loves trying new things and can often be seen searching for the next exotic taste, texture or scent that will challenge her senses. In the same vein, she can sometimes put herself in risky situations just because she has never been there before.

Public KnowledgeEdit

As far as most people are concerned, Helena Bellini and Helena Gibson are two different people, each with their own separate life. There is little to connect the two women and it is only by chance that they look similar.

  • She used to be a semi-famous socialite a few years ago.
  • She is involved in several charities across the city.
  • She can often be seen in the company of Caliban.


  • She works as a bartender in one of the Mile clubs.
  • She is involved in the drug trade.