Full Name: Justine Mern "Soreh"
House: Fiend
Faction: Cryptic
Position: N/A
Player: Avy


Justine stands about 5'4 she is the sensible dresser. Not often do you see her dressing to seduce to show off her assets. Shes is by far not ugly but her style lacks that zing that could make her more. She is the consummate professional though when she tries she can come off quiet friendly and charming. Other times she has that cold assessing stare from her intense green eyes.


Justine is a causal observer, always looking, always curious. Quiet often the observer gets obsessed in which she will not give up until the truth be known to her. The World is full of wonder even in its fractured state. Her absence has only starved her craving for truth and knowledge, now free it is starting over. Everything is new, everything is there to be discovered for her at least. She often becomes detracted by her personal agendas and she can come across as cold and cynical. But what is existence with out questions? fractures are but another puzzle to be placed together and calculated experiments are a way to the real truth.

Public KnowledgeEdit

Justine is a investigative reporter. Ten years ago she was a no one, a joke in her field. Considered corrupt and lazy. Going after quick money and odd conspiracies that caught the eye of the curious be it for the day her articles were published. Then one day things took a turn. The Laughs of her outlandish theories where crushed when she brought to light the real happenings behind a local cult involving a well to do politician. It was the biggest investigation of her career which left her with sole rights to the story that rocked the ACG. Justine was quick to climb in stature among the media. Investigation after investigation was nailed. She was at the top of her game and the envy of most journalists around... she is going form strength to strength, even with the odd freak story.


She almost lost her life on the investigation that turned her career. Despite her new found curiosity and drive she can still be rather introverted about her personal life.