Full Name: Lanie Greyer
Tradition: N/A
Cabal: N/A
Position: N/A
Player: Avy



Depending on her mood, she has the body of an athlete. Finely toned and covered in Tattoos. Now her cage days are over she enjoys the odd piercing. Some believe her to be augmented due to her unnaturally purple eyes and the way she moves, her reflexes are finely tuned like the rest of her. Laine stands 5'8 with confidence and grace, despite her violent reputation.


Ruthless when it comes to business, rich beautiful and successful. Its good to be Laine Greyer and she knows this. She can come off cocky but she is always alert and watchful, not stupid enough to run her mouth to someone that can tear her up like a tissue.

Public KnowledgeEdit

One a fighter now retired Lanie talks a lot about the glory days. She does not hide that her knees are fucked and she would love to be in there. This however does not make her soft. She is known for holding her own and dealing with her own and not been afraid to get dirty. She will just punish you harder for making her exert her knees. Laine now a days owns The Cage on the Golden Mile, a hot spot for cage leagues and illegal gambling. She Won it in a betting match on the last championships. The former owners, now ejected form the underground, initially refused to honor the bet. But by the rules of the Mile. all bets must be upheld, it was pay up or suffer from the current controlling body.


Retired Cage Fighter due to injury

Plays both fields of the Underworld.

Not just an Average Mortal, she is augmented?