Full Name: Serena du Rochefort
House: Brujah
Sect: Camarilla
Position: Contract Killer
Player: Blackfyre


Serena is a 5'7", 149 lb woman with dark brown hair and grey-green eyes who was 24 at the time she was Embraced, which was in 1791. Her appearance has  shifted over the 3 centuries that she lived through, changing to adapt to the constantly shifting fashions of the time periods that she lived through. Currently dresses like a biker chick, with a black leather jacket with the sleeves torn off, a miniskirt and a pair of motorcycle boots.  Has at least one visible tattoo, which is a tattoo of the World Serpent that curls down her entire left arm.


A very uninhibited woman who indulges in several baser vices, such as drugs and sex with both genders, as a means of indulging herself when not on the job of killing anyone who she was hired to kill. Loves motorcycles with a passion that's only eclipsed by her love for drugs and sex. Occasionally moonlights as a whore in one of the Golden Mile's brothels, which to her, is a very efficient way to feed. 

Public KnowledgeEdit

She's a contract killer who hires herself out to anyone able to pay for her services.  She never defaults on a contract, no matter who the target is, since that would be bad for business.


She occasionally works as a prostitute on the Mile.

Rumour has it that she's a contract killer, but no one's ever found out if this is the truth or not.