Full Name: Victoria Lansing, Sc.D, Met.D
Aliases: Tori, Dr. Lansing
Tradition: Sons (ahem, Daughter!) of Ether
Cabal: Unnamed
Position: N/A
Player: Tink


SteamPunk and DieselPunk mashed into a CyberPunk world.  Victoria loves, oddly enough, victorian styled clothing and concepts in fashion and fabrication.  She wears skirts, frills, ruffles, lace, and leather.  Corsets seem to be a staple of her wardrobe as well, and the clothing she wears is hand crafted by her own hand.  She definatly could be seen living the Steampunk fashion lifestyle, even with her little accessories.  She painstakingly keeps herself neat and presentable, taking time to make sure her make up application is perfect, and that every crease in her attire is just so.

Tori is slightly under average height, claiming to be 5'5" tall, the truth of the matter is closer to 5'3" or 5'2".  She almost always wears boots with heels on them to make up for the discrepancy.  Her hair is usually worn up, in braids or a bun, platinum blonde to near white in color, save when she dyes it, which happens from time to time.  She's slender, pale, near porcelain like skin, fragile and delicate looking due to her petite build.  Her smile is infectious, and she's usually wearing it.  There is an underlying current to her, perhaps not the prettiest girl, and not the most graceful, but the simplistic and direct way she moves seems to be quite alluring to anyone attracted to the fairer sex (Cupid's Gift Merit).


This eccentric young woman is an engaging and friendly person, usually interested in meeting new people and experiencing new things.  She's quirky, has a sharp wit and a good sense of humor, though its clear she's been somewhat removed from normal social interactions, she takes her inexperience in stride and does the best she can to fit into whatever situation presents itself to her.

However sometimes that intelligence of hers does trip her up.  She's known to go on and on for some time about such topics as quantum mechanics, string theory, and advanced physical science topics, usually to the duress of those she's speaking with at the time.

Public KnowledgeEdit

There is not much public information regarding the young woman outside of her scholastic career, which is rather impressive.  She gained both of her Doctorates at the age of 18, doubling up on them and gaining a ScD in both Theoretical Physics and Metallurgy.  She still has some contact with the University, seen on the campus from time to time (she's hard to miss after all, with the eccentric clothing).

She's an heiress, having inheireted her mother and father's fortune after they disappeared and were listed legally dead by authorities two years ago.  Since then, she has lived in one of the very few remaining residential buildings left in North Shore, tucked in among rows and rows of warehouses, in the industrial areas along the western edge of the dock region.


She has a death ray

She's an accomplished Pilot

She's actively teaching a Physics class at Babylon's University